Dry bath incubator

Neotest-incubator-thermostatDigital compact dry bath incubator «Mini Neo T» is designed for tube incubation at fixed temperatures. It can be used to incubate samples during preparation stage. It is also suitable for a range of uses in life sciences, molecular biology, environmental and industrial laboratories and a variety of applications including incubation, enzyme reactions, immuno-assays. Its small size allows to find a place for it on even the most crowded laboratory benchtops.

Note: Though Neotest strips do not require incubation, in some environments it may be complicated to keep the room temperature and therefore incubator would be helpful.


  • LCD display. It is easy to set up and use.
  • Small size: Mini Neo T is a compact size incubator – the longest side is only 15cm.
  • Simultaneous display of set and actual time, temperature.
  • Beep-signal/Stop after program completed.
  • Interchangeable aluminum alloy sample blocks provide versatility and allow easy cleaning and disinfection.

Technical details

  • Temperature setting range from +5 ° C to +80 °
  • Timer range: 0-999 minutes or 0-999 seconds
  • Power supply: 120-240V, AC 50 / 60Hz;
  • Power consumption: maximum – 35 W; average (in steady state at t Ambient 20 ° C.) – 5 W .;
  • Temperature constancy: ≤ ± 1 ° C;
  • Temperature operating range (external environment): 5-35 ° C;
  • Temperature display precision: 0,1 ° C;
  • Size, mm: 110x150x90;
  • Heating time (from 20 ° C to 80 ° C): ≤5 minutes;
  • Net weight: not more than 0.6 kg.

Comes with manual

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